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Who we are



The Economics Web Institute suggests you to benefit from a network of relevant sites offering original research and from useful directories of further links.



Agent-Based Computational Economics and Complex Adaptive Systems - the reference site

The one-stop-site for the scientific community and its huge resources: software, papers, teaching materials, courses, announcements, job openings, contacts - maintained by Prof. Leigh Tesfatsion.


LEM publications

Evolutionary economics free library of papers at the Laboratory of Economics and Management (L.E.M.) at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa - Italy).


Publications on Global Value Chains

Authoritative resources that analyse apparel, automotive, electronics, and several other global chains in a new perspective, whose foundations and tools are presented as well. Works by G. Gereffi, T. Sturgeon, H. Humphrey, and others.


Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

Free peer-reviews papers on Social Simulation, Agent-based models and much more.


Global Social Change Research Project

World Social Change reports on major world economic, demographic, social, and political changes. Lots of analyses and data.

Free downloads of software, including our own


Giorgio Fagiolo's Homepage

Several important papers - and related software models to download - about labour economics, industrial economics and microeconomics (e.g. a micro-founded model of consumption).


Prof. Attila Havas Homepage

Prof. Attila Havas offers important insights in the economics of innovation, innovation policy, national and sectoral innovation systems, theory and practice of innovation policy, the inter-relationships between STI and other policies, (technology) foresight as a policy tool.


Prof. Haider A. Khan Homepage

Prof. Haider A. Khan's work ranges from economy-wide modeling of technology and capital flows to the political and economic theories of democracy and justice. Holding a permanent (tenured) position as Professor of Economics at the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver, he is currently a visiting scholar at the Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo. .

His two most recent books are: Innovation and Growth in East Asia: The Future of Miracles and Global Markets and Financial Crises

Further important books: Technology, Development and Democracy: Limits of National Innovation Systems in the Age of Postmodernism and Technological Systems and Development


The translation in Bulgarian language of an EWI page on Productivity!

Directory of free textbooks and Quick Notes Learning System books series.

Textbooks in Economics


Prof. Masaru Uzawa Homepage

Software, papers and animations about experimental economics, game theoretic application to industrial organization, monopoly and oligopoly models, and microeconomics in general.


Prof. Andrew J. Oswald Homepage

Labour market outstanding expert. Papers and data available.


Prof. Angus Maddison Homepage

Long-run data, books and papers about the world economy from an outstanding pioneer of the field, deceased in 2010.



Kiyoshi Izumi

Papers, experiments and agent-based simulation code, mostly about exchange rate markets.


Prof. Emmanuelle Auriol Homepage

Papers and articles about industrial economics, incentive theory, game theory, organizational structures and behaviours, development economics.


Publications and models freely downloadable about macroeconomics and regional economics [Mainly Italian language but a few English-language resources]

Junfu Zhang Homepage

Theoretical and practical reflections on public policy and spontaneous change in innovative environment as the Silicon Valley in California.



DRUID publications

One of the largest collection of free publication of evolutionary economics and innovation economics. Important datasets available as well.



SPRU publications

SPRU is one of the world leaders in policy research on science, technology and innovation (STI) and its wider economic, social and environmental implications. Here you'll find some free publications.



Directory of Conferences, conventions, exhibits, seminars, workshops, events, trade shows and business meetings. Includes calendar, dates, location, web site, contact and registration information.

AllConferences.Com is a specialist niche directory for university students and academicians.



Our thanks to for including our glossary in their Economy Dictionary page. If you are looking for further definitions of technical, professional or specialist terms in any subject this is a good place to go to find them.


Groningen Growth and Development Centre

Groningen Growth and Development Centre carries out research on comparative analysis of levels of economic performance and differences in growth rates in the world economy and freely distributes highly relevant papers and data.




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