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The richest, the strongest, the most competitive and flexible market economy, the North America has always been a land of opportunities for all, with no barriers of nationality, religion, gender, what guarantees a high level of individual freedom. Leveraging on the "American dream",
a new cycle of politics, macroeconomics, and selective policies seems to have begun.




Essay: A comparative study of health care in USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand (2010)



Essay: The impact of climate change on USA


Essay: Americans' opionion of social security


Graph: Job losses under Republican and Democratic administrations (2007-2012)

Essays: Several key economic policy propositions by a think tank that supports Barack Obama

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for American Progress, John Podesta, will be heading President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team. The Center has released in the latest months several papers on how to cope with American and world economy.

Progressive Growth

Green Recovery

Labor Rights Can Be Good Trade Policy

A National Innovation Agenda: Progressive Policies for Economic Growth and Opportunity Through Science and Technology

Tax Cuts on Profits, Savings, and the Wealthy Fail to Spur Economic Growth

Virtuous Circle: Strengthening Broad-Based Global Progress in Living Standards

A progressive approach to U.S.-China relations in the 21st century


Essay: The economic policy of Barack Obama - an interpretation

The author argues the following: "By surrounding himself with economists, Obama was also making a decision with ideological consequences. Far more than many other policy advisers, economists believe in the power of markets. What tends to distinguish Democratic economists is that they set out to uncover imperfections of the market and then come up with incremental, market-based solutions to these imperfections. This helps explain the Obama campaign’s interest in behavioral economics, a relatively new field that has pointed out many ways in which people make irrational, short-term decisions".


The debate on a macroeconomic stimulus: a few contributions

Christina Romer ex-post analysis (September 2010)

Written Testimony of Mark Zandi Chief Economist and Cofounder Moody’s Before the U.S. Senate Budget Committee - November 19, 2008

Optimal fiscal polity in a liquidity trap by Paul Krugman - Dec. 29, 2008

The Obama Gap by Paul Krugman - January 8, 2009

Prospects for the U.S. and the World: A Crisis That Conventional Remedies Cannot Resolve - by W. Godley, D. B. Papadimitriou, and G. Zezza - December, 2008



Essay: The image of America in the world and how to improve it
An opinion from RAND Corporation research.


Essay: The State of Working America

The executive summary of an analysis of USA society.

Essay for 2004-05

2008-2009 data from the same source

Link to: Republican Party Policy Commitee

Link to: Democratic Party Policy Committee


Economic data: US data for all the variables in IS-LM model

Comprehensive of 54 variables in long-term annual and quarterly time-series, this US dataset is excellent for students to test the model as well as for researchers to develop original reflections.

MS Excel [104 KB]


Economic data: National income and gross national product, by components - Canada (1926-1976)


Economic data: Human development index (162 countries)

A rich report of reflections and data.



Economic data: Gross domestic expenditure on R&D by source of funds in 71 countries in USA, Canada and other areas

MS Excel

Economic data: US Science and R&D: key figures



Book: High-Tech Start-Ups and Industry Dynamics in Silicon Valley

Using two unique longitudinal databases, Junfu Zhang investigates firm formation, growth, mortality, and migration in Silicon Valley during the 1990s and explain how the region evolved. After extraordinary economic and innovation success in the late 1990s, Silicon Valley entered a deep recession in 2001. This study seeks to answer tough policy-relevant and empirical questions of interest everywhere in the world.



Link to: Council on competitiveness

U.S. Competitiveness 2001: Strengths, Vulnerabilities and Long-Term Priorities [6.2 MB]


Economic data: Stock exchange index for 10 markets (S&P500, Nikkei, Dax, Cac,...) - Daily quotes (1995-2000)


Economic data: Environmental respect data: the number of ISO14000 certified firms in 98 American and non-American countries - a time-series

MS Excel


Economic data: Composition of public expenditure (education, health, defence...) - 69 countries in North America and other areas (1975-1985)


Economic data: Total expenditure on health in OECD countries (1960-2000)


Economic data: Health and disease statistics worldwide


Economic data: Productivity in 99 countries (1950-2000)

Direct link to Groningen Growth and Development Centre and The Conference Board, Total Economy Database, February 2004, at, where you'll find a lot of useful industry and macro data about USA, Canada, and other countries.


Economic data: Comparable wages for 162 jobs in 132 American and non-American countries

The MS Excel file with a user-friendly interface of the excellent dataset by Freeman - Oostendorp. Long-term time-series from 1983 to 1999. This data set allows for comparison of wages across countries for the same job, over time, underlining the differences between skilled and unskilled works.

MS Excel [2.9 MB]


Economic data: Education attainments in reading

Compare USA and Canada with 33 other nations in the world thanks to the exceptional survey by IEA’s Study of Reading Literacy (PIRL), with microdata available.

PDF [8 MB]


Economic data: Personal and government savings in USA, Japan, Germany: a short-run comparison


Economic data: Tax revenue in OECD countries (1966-2000) plus a comparison in tax systems


Economic data: Longitudinal micro-datasets of USA families on a subannual basis

Cash and noncash income, taxes, assets, liabilities, education, age, and participation in government transfer programs.

SIPP free data allow the government to evaluate the effectiveness of federal, state, and local programs

Download page

Essay: Urban planning in USA: a chronology



Economic data: US dollar against 200 currencies in the world

In one sheet you can track and compare the yearly exchange rate dynamics of 200 world currencies on the long term compared to the US dollar. Currency crises, fixed exchange rates and wide fluctuations in a fully international perspective.

MS Excel


Economic data: Profit ratio to employed capital: an international comparison of profitability over time (34 countries)



Economic data: M1 data - a long-term money time-series for 19 countries (USA, UK, France,...)


Economic data: Origins and destinations in world trade - Trade flows over time

MS Excel


Economic data: Gender statistics from all over the world




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